tito4The Millennial Mama is a blog designed to be a place where Mama’s who just like to do things a little different can come and seek inspiration. Whether it’s for raising a toddler, fashion, or Mama’s Night Out, I want modern moms to know they don’t need to follow every step by the books.

I started my blog in 2016 after getting good & bad feedback about having a child and not being married. It’s really no one’s business as to why I choose to do things ass-backwards, but I figured to prove to not only the #haters but also to myself, that we don’t have to do things the way our mothers & grandmothers did them in order to raise ladies & gentlemen. I want to do it my own way, whether you approve or not.

People think your life is over when you have a child, when in reality your life has just begun. You don’t need to stop doing the things you love, you just need to find a really dependable nanny. LOL JK. No, the things you love become so much more enjoyable because they do feel like a rarity and things you never thought you’d love (like Disney World) becomes one of you favorite places when you see the joy in your toddler’s eyes.

Whether you’ve been around since day one or this is your first time visiting, thank you for your support!

XO Ali