It Takes a Village

If you’ve been around since the beginning, then you know how much I encourage doing things FOR YOU. And when you have a baby, I get it, it’s not easy when all your focus is on this tiny human who now rules your world.  When you can barely get both legs shaved, much less blow dry & straighten your hair before you have to leave the house. (Who is now a professional top-knotter?) Laundry doesn’t get done for week(s) at a time, dishes pile up in the sink, and everyone’s biggest nightmare– your constantly stepping on legos.


Sound familiar? If your a mother, this is probably your norm around the house. Although, I have made it a point in my life to make time for myself and for date nights and girls brunches, sometimes life moves so fast it’s hard to catch up. Oh, and THE GUILT that comes along with keeping your child indoors planted in front of the TV on a beautiful Saturday while you clean house 😭 I’m here to tell you that it’s OK; it’s OK to have a little help, in fact, I think it’s helped me become a better mother.

I want to share with you my l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ BIG secret- it’s called Doublemint Sitting. They are my #1’s, my go-tos, my right-hands, and I’m not even slightly exaggerating. The Doublemint Team has been helping me for about a year now and it still blows my mind when I send the girls a request at 2PM on a Friday for a sitter that night at 7PM so we can sneak in a last minute date night and they always deliver! I have had them come to my parents, my sister’s, watch multiple kids, pick Chan up from school– like seriously, you name it- they’ve done it for me. They really have become apart of the family.

I know it’s scary leaving your little one behind with someone you don’t know; hell, it’s hard leaving them with someone you do know! When booking a sitter you are sent a full profile that tells you all about your girl/guy, including their hobbies & education, so you know all about them before they even walk through the door. (Full disclosure: it’s totally fine to play 21 questions when they show up, I’m guilty of it😆). The Doublemint sitters are all background checked, CPR certified, reference checked and put through a training. They also send you hourly updates and the cutest pics of your tot, because everyone knows your child takes way better pictures for strangers than for you. #amiright?

I have teamed up with Doublemint to offer you Mama’s an afternoon off to get yourself a pedicure (on us!), go stroll around Target (and yes, I said stroll bc NO TODDLERS!), and enjoy yourself! Best part, your babe will have the greatest time with your Doublemint sitter- I promise they’ll ask for them to come over again! Head over to my most recent instagram to see how you can win.

& feel free to reach out to Doublemint with any questions you may have 😊

Thank you Doublemint for being my real life Mary Poppins!

Xo Ali

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