To My 2 Year Old Daughter

Can I just start off by saying I teared up just writing the title of this post? I don’t think it’s actually hit me that you’re TWO. You’re Miss Independent but still fell asleep on me at the pool the other day with your baby blanket and paci and that was definitely the highlight of my week. I was going to make you give up your paci today… but I’m not ready yet.

I think I am going to say this every year for the rest of my life, but you have grown so much this year. You are completing sentences, expressing your opinion, and growing into such a kind-hearted young girl. I could take the time to reflect on this past year, but it would probably just turn into me rambling about how you need to stop growing up and how you will always be my Baby Moon, even if you are 16 at heart. Instead, I want to tell you my hopes for you in the next year, and every year to following.


I hope you never stop expressing yourself the same way– belly laughs when somethings funny, allowing yourself to cry when you are sad, and constantly yelling “WOW” when you are in awe.


I hope you never lose your sense of confidence– girl, my life goal is to be half as confident as you in a bikini. Always be proud of that belly and those rolls God gave you. You only have one body, so you better work it.


I hope you continue to believe in the good– we live in a scary world and what I would give to see it through your eyes. You find the kindness and good in every situation, don’t ever stop that.


I hope you continue to become more independent, but are never afraid to ask for help– it’s not always easy, but don’t hurt yourself by being stubborn. If anything, Mama is always here to help.


I hope you never lose your sense of wonder– you constantly point at objects and say, “s’at?”, which in your language translates to “what’s that?” Keep wondering.


I hope you are always different– because the world needs more people like you.

I love you endlessly Baby Moon and even though you are another year older, you will always be my baby girl.

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