What BFFs Do

If you didn’t know, my sister and I were lucky enough to have our baby girls 2 months apart and if you follow me on Instagram (@alineglio) then I am sure you have all seen Chandler’s BFF/cousin, Tegan. We were planning for them to be BFFs long before they were born whether they liked it or not & luckily enough, they love each other! These girls do anything and everything together. From brunches, to shopping, to playground dates, to temper tantrums in Target- they are practically inseparable.While they may do so many different things together, there is one constant that you can bet on and that is that they will both be wearing Tea Collection.



Since day 1, our girls have been dressed head to toe in Tea Collection baby girl clothing sets. They have an outfit for every occasion! Not only are their outfits super cute, but they are also extremely comfortable, which is definitely a win-win when it comes to dressing a baby, toddler, or child– Actually, it’s a win-win for any age!



Tea Collection’s clothing is full of beautiful textures and patterns and everything is very fresh & unpredictable, while still being stylish. Finding clothes for Chandler has always been a struggle of mine because I am so picky and there has not been a single season of Tea Collection that I haven’t adored.



This brand doesn’t only curate adorable, wearable, children’s clothing, but every purchase you make from Tea Collection goes to something bigger. Tea donates over $500,000 a year to The Global Fund for Children– an organization that searches for ways to better the children of the world. So, our little girls get to prance around in pretty dresses, inspired by the cultures of the world from a brand who supports children near and far. I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to by the whole dang collection!



Chandler and Tegan have grown up in Tea Collection and both my sister and I plan on continuing this through their childhood. We are raising the future adults of the world and it’s our responsibility to show them to good in the world. Click below to get your little tot started in Tea and help make your difference!

*Tea Collection has sponsored this post, but all thoughts & reviews are my own! Thank you Tea Collection!


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