Gift Guide for the Tot

Eek!! It’s officially my favorite time of year! We have been stocking up on Chandler’s Christmas presents for the past couple months, lol. We would buy her something and if she didn’t immediately want it, we stash it in a box in our garage and are saving it to put under the tree!! I thought I would share with you a couple things we have gotten her/are getting her this holiday season.

Shopping for this age is actually pretty difficult because she’s drastically changing every month. She’s getting bigger & smarter by the day, so what do you buy a 1 (going on 16) year old? I have found that a lot of the store’s gift guides treat 1 year olds like they are still immobile, incapable, infants when in reality they are actually more in the toddler stage. So I find myself jumping between the 0-2-year-old gift guides to the 3-4-year-old and mixing them. That’s when I decided to do my own gift guide and save you all from the headache that I have endeavored! You’re welcome, hehe.

  1. So, I don’t know if it’s just my toddler, but her favorite place in the house is our kitchen. She LOVES to take all the cups & plates & spoons out of her drawer and organize them all. That’s why the Pottery Barn Kids’ Chelsea Kitchen was the top item on our list this year!
  2. The best thing about the kitchen is all the add-on accessories to go along with! These pots & pans and play food will go perfectly on the stove top or in the refrigerator. It’s like a hundred gifts packed in one!
  3. What else goes in your kitchen? A kitchen table, duh!! So another great addition to the kitchen set is a play table & chairs set. I am still deciding between this one & this one. HELP!!
  4. Make believe is a huge part of a toddler’s life. They have pretend kitchens, they have pretend phone calls, and oh my do they love their dolls. I absolutely love the idea of this portable doll house! It’s perfect for a day at the Grandparent’s or a weekend away, or even just an afternoon out. I also love that it’s plush because that means I can squish it into the baby bag when we’re not using it.
  5. To go along with the make believe, my mom recently got this cleaning set for her house and it’s the first thing Chandler plays with when she gets to Nonnie’s house! We’re all about creating good habits, so teaching her to love mopping is a great thing, right? Lol.
  6. For a while now Chandler has loved wooden puzzles & she’s basically able to do all of them with her eyes closed. So to keep things interesting and keep her on her toes, I am going to update her puzzlepuzzle stock. She really stays entertained for hours playing with these and I love watching her teach herself new things.
  7. I normally would put a bunch of cute outfits under the tree but this year, I think I may hold off. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dressing Chandler but she doesn’t exactly love getting dressed, lol! So this year we are sticking to the toys but I did get her these Mini Melissa Minnie Mouse Boots because I know the second she opens them she’s going to yell “MIMI!!” It’s the only clothing item that I know she will want to wear RIGHT away. Plus if you didn’t know, Mini Melissa shoes are all scented!! So no stinky toddler feet in our house.
  8. I don’t really know if this gift is for Chandler or her father, but recently we went to the LEGO store and stocked up on tons of legos. All I could think about in the checkout line was the about of times we’re going to say “OWWWW” in the coming years from stepping on LEGOs. But, in her father’s defense she did love playing with them in the store. I love this set because once it’s built its like a whole other toy!
  9. Lastly, Chandler does already have this and that is why I am putting this on YOUR list. Her little, comfy, chair is her favorite spot in the house. When we are hanging out on the couch, watching tv, or eating snacks she’s always in her chair. I love that you can buy different slipcovers to put on it as well, because snacks on a fluffy chair= STICKY. So, this is a must have for your toddler.

What are you guys getting your little one’s? This Santa’s still shopping!

XO Ali


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