Toddler Fall Essentials

As the leaves change colors (OK maybe not in Florida) and the temperature drops (OK also not really in Florida) we prepare ourselves for the next few months of outdoor park days, runny noses and lots of cuddle time! In Florida we don’t have a very large transition from summer to fall in the sense of weather. However, many other things change in the few months, especially with a toddler. Here are my must-haves of the season for my little tot and me!


So, I don’t think I’m the only one with a sick babe when the season changes. With that being said we stock up in packs on packs on packs of Boogie Wipes. These wipes smell so good and are so gentle. You know what goes hand-in-hand with a runny nose? A sore throat. Poor Chandler gets the nastiest cough to go along with her snotty nose and we’ve found that above all antibiotics and witch craft, a humidifier has been our #1 choice! Who would’ve thought we would need a humidifier in Florida?! Lastly, the dryer air not only bring an itchy throat but also dry skin. Noodle & Boo has been our go to lotion since day 1 & I even find myself using it because it feels soooo good!

Snip20171030_15 Snip20171030_12 Snip20171030_16


OK, so I can’t sit here and type that the new clothes are “necessities,” although everyone deserves an updated closet when the season changes, right?! Fall in Florida is like winter in the morning & summer in the afternoon, so layering is key! Chandler always leaves the house in the morning in 5 layers and comes home in just a diaper. Hehe kidding… kind of. But really!! It will be like 40 degrees in the morning then come noon it’s 80, so ridiculous! One thing I do think is a necessity are short sleeved onesies or undershirts. Chandler lives in these not only at home but they are perfect to put under flowy tops or dresses. I’m always so afraid of her being cold because I know it’s like the worst feeling. I also overload on accessories like hats, scarves and mittens during this time because not only are the SO CUTE, they are actually practical too.

Snip20171108_2.png Snip20171108_1.png


I know some of you reading this are like “You live in Florida, where is 80 degrees year round” and while yes, that is somewhat true, we do have some super cold days. Like I said before, we have some mornings when we wake up and it’s in the 40s!! So during this time I do like to change Chandler’s bedding and give her a down comforter and stock up on cozy PJs and socks. Also, this is the time of year when we spend the most time outside because come afternoon it really is the best weather. A trike or good running stroller are awesome during this time whether it’s for just going on a walk or walking to the park.

Snip20171108_4.png Snip20171108_3.png Snip20171108_5.png

What are your toddler essentials? I am no expert- so I would love the feedback!

XO Ali


Our outfits are linked below

Snip20171108_7.png Snip20171108_8.png Snip20171108_9.png Snip20171108_11.png Snip20171108_10.png


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