Mama of 2

Hehe, no I’m not pregnant!! However, we did add a new member to the family and I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you have seen him all over my page. If you haven’t, meet Tito!

I’m not going to lie, this has not been an easy process and I’ll be the first to warn you not to get a puppy when you have a toddler. However, Chandler is in 7th Heaven and LOVES having a puppy. Seriously, when we pick her up from school the only thing she says is “TITO” and when we are leaving the house and aren’t bringing Tito, she gets all strapped in and with a concerned look says “OH NO!!” and I ask, “what’s wrong?” She’ll look around for a couple seconds and then say “Tito” like we forgot him!! Lol.

Since I’m not experienced in this whole Puppy Mom thing, everyday is a new learning experience. I have mastered a couple things but am still so novice in mostly everything. I have discovered a couple of my must-have puppy items and wanted to share them with you all! Mostly because I want your feedback and advice on what to do with this tiny, fluffy, ADORABLE, monster.



I felt horrible at first locking Tito up in a crate for long periods of time, but our trainer told me that puppies should spend most of their day in their crates. They need to learn that that is their home and they need to feel comfortable being in it. Tito now spends the majority of his day in his crate and everyday he is liking it more and more. Progress people, it’s all about progress!!


Harness & Leash

We take Tito on a lot of walks, and even though he barely makes it past 3 houses right now before he join Chandler in the stroller, it’s still important we have a (stylish) harness and leash when he figures out the whole walking thing. Everyday is a learning experience and repetition is key!


Yummy & Healthy Treats

When training a puppy, treats are a necessity. I didn’t want to stuff him with unhealthy treats and to be honest, it was hard finding a treat that he would actually eat! I found this brand at a local Dog Boutique called Downtown Dogs and Tito LOVES them! They are also available here.



We came to a conclusion that baby toys are literally the best puppy toys, so lucky for us we gave Tito all of Chandler’s old rattles, stuffed animals, and blocks. One thing that was not a hand-me-down though are his Chewy Bull Sticks and let me tell you, my baseboards are thanking these for saving them! When we brought Tito home, I would always catch him chewing on the corners of our baseboards and it took me a couple tries but I finally found something to help his bad habit! The bully sticks are the best because they leave no mess and take him hours, or even days, to go through.


Guys, I’m serious, I need all the advice I can get… What are your puppy essentials and what have you found to work best to train your puppy? I’M DESPERATE. Leave a comment below!

Xo Ali




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