Everyone has their go-to outfit—the one they feel most like themselves in. It’s comfortable, yet stylish and they can throw it on without giving it a second thought. If you’re like me, you’re thinking- what am I most comfortable in? My answer: The largest t-shirt in my man’s closet. But wait, that’s not very stylish? OK, so what if I throw on a cute pair of joggers? Then I start thinking of the large t-shirt paired with the joggers and contemplate whether hobo-chic is a thing and I can rock my 3rd-day unwashed hair and no makeup. Now, trust me, there have been MANY errands run in this ensemble but it’s not an outfit I feel most like myself in. Over the years, and mostly now that I am a mom, my go-to outfit has changed drastically. Never before have I had to think, what looks cute but also allows me to chase a toddler around for the next 4 hours while were out? It took me a little, but I think I have finally found my Momiform.




There’s nothing like taking off your man’s t-shirt and replacing it with a ruffle top. I always gravitate towards solid colors (bad idea with a toddler but prints sometimes intimidate me) and simple details. I like the in-between a plain t and a blouse. I have worn this top more times than I can could with both hands since I got it (like a month ago, lol). My go-to places for stylish-mom, toddler-friendly tops are Zara, Nordstrom and Target! I have never been a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal; I am one extreme or the other. If I am wearing a t-shirt, you better believe it’s paired with sweat pants or leggings, and if I’m wearing jeans, a cute, girly top it is!

 Capture.PNG Frilly top.PNG Capture.PNG




I always see these Mamas on Instagram rocking 5” heels standing next to their two-year-old and I’m like… whaaaa, how?! I legit have to wear sneakers or at least flats when out and about with my tot. She may be chubby, but holy cow, she is fast! My closet is slowly going from Carrie Bradshaw to Serena Williams (have you guys ever seen her sneaker collection?). What I love most is that the designers that made my favorite pumps have also made my favorite sneakers. My go-to sneakers at the moment are these Sam Edelman and a few other favorite brands are Rag & Bone, Adidas, and Steve Madden.

Sneaker.jpeg    Rag.jpeg  1.jpeg




OK so, I VERY recently started actually liking jeans. I used to think they were the devil. How does one enjoy a large pizza if there is a button on the pants?! JK but really, I had tried all styles, prices and brands of jeans and my all-time favorite are Topshop. The price point is sooo good, like good enough to own 2 pairs of each style! I always gravitate towards the style Leigh and Hayden but also drool over the Jamie! A few other brands I preach are GRLFRND Denim, Hudson Jeans, and AG Jeans. Now don’t think I’m a traitor… I will still choose sweatpants over jeans 10/10 times.

huson.jpeg    jamie.jpeg    grlfrn.jpeg




For the first year of Chandler’s life, I thought it was important to make sure I had something for anything and everything that could happen while we were out; therefore, I always had to carry around a giant baby bag. However, I feel like I have graduated onto the mom that’s like shit happens. Oh, you spilled ketchup on your shirt? Well, guess what, you still have to wear it the rest of the day. I still carry around necessities like a pacifier, fruit snacks, and diapers and wipes, but I have come to realize that stuff can go in the bottom of the stroller and I can carry a cute cross body! The one I’m carrying is from Zara last season (I’m going to write a memoir titled “Zara, last season” because it seems to be a reoccurring thing in my life) but I’ve linked a few of my recent favorites.

gucci.jpeg    rm.jpeg    zraa.jpeg




A mama’s #1 accessory is her coffee. It never fails that every time I take Chandler out, I feel like I have been hit by a bus when the day is over. Caffeine is a necessity as a mom and if you are living without it please email me and tell me your secret!!!!  Hehe, but since we’re already drinking the coffee or tea or Pepsi Max we might as well drink from a cute cup, right? Right.

yeti.jpeg      swell.jpeg      bando.jpeg


What’s your go-to Momiform?

XO Ali


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