Mama Travels

If you guys are following along on Instagram (alineglio), I’m sure you saw that Chase and I took a vacay to Las Vegas then hopped over to NYC. We had a BLAST!! Vegas was hot. Like 110 degrees hot and all we wanted to do was be submerged in water the entire time. We made a mental note to never go back in the middle of July. However, I couldn’t not tell you all about our amazing experience we had jet skiing the New York Harbor. When I told people we were planning on doing this, their faces looked more worried/disgusted than excited and I’m assuming it’s because they had heard the same horror stories I had about the harbor. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the city this way and it was nothing a shower afterward wouldn’t fix.

It was such a cool experience and I wanted to share it with you! We went with New York Harbor Jet Ski and they made the experience so easy and hassle-free. The water was SO CHOPPY and not going to lie, I totally got crushed by some waves because I was afraid of going fast, lol. BUT, getting to see the One WTC, Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge from the water was beyond words.  Also, seeing Chase in his element reminded me of what we were like before Baby Moon. Taking the time to be alone and remember why you fell in love is so important to keep a healthy relationship. Even if when we are alone we are talking about Chandler, or looking at pictures of her, or watching videos of her dancing to Trolls. Our vacation was such a nice break from reality, but the best part about being a parent is how excited you are to come home to your nugget. There’s nothing quite like hugs from your toddler and seeing her so excited to see you! Definitely the best welcome home.








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