Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with another gift guide, hehe. It kind of feels weird being a Mama on Mother’s Day because since I was born, this has been a holiday celebrating her; it’s weird being the one celebrated. However, Chandler’s too young to worry about getting me anything so I made this gift guide for all you wondering what you should get your moms!



Whether it’s entertaining, cleaning, or relaxing, Moms spend a lot of time at home so get her something to help spruce up the area! I’m totally obsessed with this tea towel and this cheese board! Also, I don’t know a Mama that wouldn’t be excited to get something to help her do her job, like a robot vacuum or a wine glass, lol. Because wine is a necessity when you’re a mom, right??



I think I can speak for all moms when I say that being a mom is not a glamorous life. Some days brushing your teeth feels luxurious. Get her a little something to help her feel like a real person, like this Fresh gift set that comes with a face cleanser, cream, and a mask of her choice! Or get her some items to help her look and smell like she’s showered in the past 2 days (trust me, that’s a thing) like this Chloé perfume or stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. How about a cute bag to keep it all in??


Working Mama

While being a Mom is our full time job, some of us have day jobs too and keeping my desk cute at work makes it way more fun! Some of my favorites include this Mom Boss paperweight and notepad. And you can’t have a notepad without a Swarvorvski pen to write on it… duh. Lastly, this is kind of personal and basically just a hint to Chase that I need this, but how cute is this Love You to the Moon magnet?! They have a few other cute ones on their site as well.


Wearables and Accessories

Now if you want to spoil your Mama these Valentino Sandals will do just the trick! They are an easy slip on for when she’s running late (which when you’re a mom is always) but also super chic. Being a mom has taught me so so much, but in all reality I have learned to appreciate getting ready and putting on real clothes so much. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you spend so much time in loungewear, covered in food, spit, and other unmentionable things. If you’re having to spend all day inside, at least some cute loungewear like this sweatshirt would make it better. And if you do get to leave this house this tote and these sunglasses are the perfect accessories to carry boat loads of kid’s crap and cover your tired eyes.






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