Easter with the Family

This past Easter was one I will never forget. The babies (and dads) had their first Easter egg hunt and although none of them had any idea what they were doing it was so cute to watch! We always tend to take the family that surrounds us for granted and I never want mine to forget how thankful I am to have them so close. I think about what it would be like to live further away and I’m like “what do you mean I can’t show up at my mom’s uninvited and spend the day doing nothing?” It’s like we have our own little team here and we know we’ll always be here for each other. Plus, seeing the babies play with one another is THE CUTEST THING. They make everything way more fun!








If you all follow me on Instagram, you know we had Chandler practicing all week for this egg hunt. Well, she totally choked when it was show time! She would just point at each egg and make Chase pick them up and hand them to her to put in the basket😂


My Mama & baby



Everyone meet my sis, future sister-in-law and their perfect babies, Tegan and Atticus!


How cute are my parents?!


My not so little brother on the left


image1 (1)

Terrible iPhone quality picture but Chandler’s smile is too cute not to post!

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