Mama & Me- Part 3

Hi everyone! Happy Spring! I have been working on building Chandler’s spring wardrobe and with that comes more Mama & Me outfits. Now that Chandler is in “toddler” clothing, matching with her has gotten SO. MUCH. EASIER. I’m telling you guys, Zara has their entire women’s collection in toddler form. It’s like a dream come true and where most of our Spring attire has come from.

This gingham style is a huge trend this season and not only is it super cute, but also super comfy! Dresses have been my favorite thing to dress Chandler in lately because it’s gotten so hot, and diaper changes have gotten so hard. It’s seriously like Wrestle Mania trying to change this babe’s diaper! So the less clothes I have to take off, the better.

Since turning 1, Chandler has gotten SO fun! She’s walking everywhere, plays independently (THANK JESUS, I can finally catch up on laundry, lol), and loves to tell stories– even if we have no idea what she’s saying. I know I say this every time she reaches a new milestone, but this has got to be my favorite age. She’s seriously my BFF and we have so much fun together. Stay tuned for my next favorite age😂

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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