Easter Basket for Your Tot

I’m sure it’s not only me who thinks holidays got waaayyy better and way more fun with a tot! Like everything from decorating, to picking out outfits and planning the day are just so much better. One thing that I enjoy the most is getting gifts together for my babe. Last Easter, Chandler was only about 3 weeks old and honestly I was physically and emotionally exhausted so it kind of came and went without any recognition. However, this year I am sooo excited to get my little nugget her first Easter basket and see her do her first Easter Egg Hunt! I’ve gathered a few things below that I think will make the perfect basket fillers for your little chick and I would love to hear what you guys have in mind as well! Comment below with anything you feel I’ve missed.

Xo Ali

  1. Easter Basket 
  2. Easter Socks
  3. Light Up Chicks
  4. Bunny Bubbles
  5. Bunny PJs
  6. Bunny Sippy Cup
  7. Board Book
  8. Bunny Ears Hair Clips
  9. Magnet Stackable Animals
  10. Jelly Cat Bunny
  11. Flower Sprinkler
  12. Pigtail Bows
  13. ABC Flash Cards



2 thoughts on “Easter Basket for Your Tot

  1. Everything is sooooo cute….I remember putting together baskets myself ….now there are soooo many choices the baskets need to be bigger!!!!


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