Mama & Me- Part 2

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought today was a perfect day to share another Mama & Me and show some love to my little Galentine.

This slip dress trend came about when I was still pregnant and I was so upset thinking it would be out of style by the time I was able to fit back into one. So you all can imagine my happiness to find that it’s still trendy and that I found one for my mini as well!! I had a hard time styling them at first because while they give off an effortless vibe, I always felt like I was trying too hard. I saw so many other girls wearing them with sneakers or OTK boots and when I put mine on with either I didn’t feel like myself. I actually had never worn this rose gold one until the morning we shot this because I could never find the right thing to wear it with! This is why I got Chandler dressed first and then I just copied her outfit with what I had in my closet, hehe. So, I guess you could say Chandler really is the trendsetter in the family. The key I found to this trend is simplicity and really using little effort. Don’t try and make yourself something you’re not. You have to fit the trend to your own style! (Or in my case, Chandler’s style) You bet we will be wearing this outfit until Chandler’s little belly no longer can squeeze into that silk.

XO Ali


Omg if you look closely you can see her one top tooth!! fullsizeoutput_1e1c

Those leg rolls!! Ugh, my baby is getting so big.

We seriously can’t leave the house without our JellyCat… It’s a lifesaver for meltdowns in public. We have 4 of them… lolfullsizeoutput_1e20fullsizeoutput_1e26fullsizeoutput_1e2d

Chandler’s favorite game right is “Where’s Mommy’s nose? Where’s Chandler’s nose?” It’s seriously the cutest thing in the world!!


Shop our looks below! Chandler’s boots are from Zara last season so I’ve linked one similar below! Happy Valentine’s Day loves!




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