Mama & Me- Part 1

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought I would start a series of Mommy & Me outfit inspiration. I have learned so much about dressing and putting outfits together from my mom. As silly as it sounds, we have created such a special bond over fashion and clothing that has made it such a major part of my life. I would love to share that unique bond with my daughter.

Every morning when I get Chandler ready, Chase asks me how much I love having my own real life doll to dress up? While Chandler is SO MUCH MORE than my dress up doll, I can’t help but laugh and say it’s one of my favorite things in the world. She really is my own little doll and I usually spend more time picking out her outfit than my own. If she looks cute, I don’t have to, right? However, as she’s gotten a little bigger my absolute FAVORITE thing is to coordinate outfits with her. I mean, I get to have a real life mini me!! It’s like a lifelong dream come true.

So, this first part of my Mommy & Me series features the Adidas Originals. When I first saw this trend making a comeback, I really wasn’t that crazy about it. They reminded me of the 80s & Run-D.M.C. and while I love to jam out to It’s Tricky, I was never truly interested in dressing like him. I saw women wearing them and I could never really come up with a look that incorporated them and still felt like me. That was until my mini me’s feet grew big enough to fit into her very own pair… Then I figured, I could wear them with a paper bag and as long as she was wearing them with me, I would feel like me.

While I am still new to the fad, I thought pairing them with a pair of black skinny’s and a tweed sweater felt in trend. Like I said before, people are usually looking at her anyways, so who really cares what I wear? Chandler wore a pair of black and gold leggings, a tweed sweater and a gold poncho. I love that stores are starting to carry clothing for babies that look like women’s but smaller. It always makes it way cuter. Also, can we take a second to talk about how my 11 month old daughter’s hair fits in a full ponytail? And even better, she actually lets me do her hair… only a few months until the french braids will make an appearance.

XO Ali







Click on the photos below to take you to the source of each item!



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